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Barrow in Furness Crematorium- informs about crematoria and cremation in Great Britain / United Kingdom and Europe

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Barrow-in-Furness Crematorium


Thorncliffe Crematorium and Borough Cemetery
Devonshire Road
Barrow-in-FurnessLA14 5PD

Tel: 01229 894928
Fax: 01229 894217

Barrow crematorium in the news

19-05-2011 Evening mail

Crematorium closes for maintenance work

Barrow crematorium has closed for two weeks to allow essential maintenance work to be carried out.

Cemetery boss Chris Pollard said services would still be held at the chapel, but the deceased would now have to be taken to Lancaster or Skipton to be cremated.

The service closed to the public last Friday and will re-open on May 31.

Mr Pollard, Barrow Borough Council’s Cemetery and Crematorium manager, said all funeral directors were aware of what was happening and families were informed before they made funeral plans.

He said: “We have to re-line the brick work in the cremators every four years so have to close it for about two weeks.

“The chapel is still available then afterwards the coffin is taken away to Skipton or Lancaster for cremation.”

Barrow Crematorium opened in the town in November 1962 and is referred to locally as Thorncliffe Crematorium.

Over 30,000 cremations have taken place since then, and around 900 cremations take place each year.

There are two full-time staff employed at the crematorium, each of which have the crematorium operatives training scheme proficiency certificate.

They have two cremators, which fully comply with the Environmental Protection Act in order to reduce air pollution.

Due to the importance of reducing emissions from the cremators, they always ask that materials such as plastic and PVC for example are not placed in the coffin and where possible the deceased is dressed in natural clothing.

After a service, the coffin is moved to the committal chamber for cremation which is completed on the same day as the service.

The coffin is placed in the cremator exactly as it is received and they carefully maintain the identity of the deceased throughout the process.

The cremation takes approximately three hours from start to finish and the remains are then ready to dispose of as the family wishes.

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