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Crematorium gets green energy informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium
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Solar panels introduced at a cost of £61,000 to cut power bills

Inverness Crematorium is now using solar power, but only to help lower electricity costs for central heating and lighting.

For the past nine months 66 panels mounted on the south-facing roof have been converting sunlight to energy and reducing the crematorium’s carbon footprint.

The installation cost of £61,000 has been part-funded by £30,500 from the Scottish Government’s low-carbons building programme.

The system, which directly feeds into the building, includes an internal display panel which shows staff at a glance the amount of energy being generated and carbon savings.

The estimated annual energy yield is 9,100kw hours per year, which equates to an approximate saving of four tonnes of carbon per year.

The Highland Council’s burial and cremations officer, Jeff Fridge, said: “When the panels went on the roof earlier this year, we received some very supportive comments from people who thought it was a great idea.

“Since the equipment has been installed we have found it interesting to monitor the amount of energy produced on a daily basis, which means a reduction in our energy bills as well as being good news for the environment.”

Leader of Highland Council and chairman of the climate change working group, Councillor Michael Foxley, visited the crematorium to see the panels, and said: “The council is committed to tackling high fuel use and we are making significant progress in the energy management of our buildings, which is especially important given the rising costs on energy bills.

“Getting part-funding for this project is a real bonus and it is encouraging to know that the system installed here is already proving to be an effective way of supplementing electricity from the grid.”

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