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Bats hold up crematorium work informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium
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WORK on Dunfermline Crematorium has been delayed by bats being discovered roosting in the facility.

The revamp of the admin building, near the entrance to the Masterton Road crematorium, has been going on for some weeks. But when contractors came across the roost they had to stop operations as the creatures are a protected species.

Fife Council beareavement services' Liz Murphy explained that the discovery of the bats was a major surprise.

She added, "The creatures, around 17 in number, were living in a roost in a wall in the admin building and of course as soon as these were discovered work stopped.

"The bats moved on soon after and found a new habitat and we were able to prepare to get work on the project surrounds re-started."

Ms Murphy added that the contractors were currently awaiting permission from the Scottish Government to begin working on the admin building again.

The delay is necessary because of the legal requirements after finding protected species at a site.

She concluded, "The delay caused by the bats will not make a huge impact on the project and we are expecting it to be completed by the early autumn."

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