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Boston Crematorium burglar caught out by his DNA informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium
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A BURGLAR who left behind DNA evidence after he broke in to Boston Crematorium has been jailed for two years.

Callum Baggaley, 22, also stole an elderly woman's handbag from a Boston residential home during a two month crime spree.

Lincoln Crown Court heard Baggaley began his offending by smashing his way in to a vehicle which was parked under a carport in Spilsby Road.

Baggaley was linked to burglary after his DNA was found on a screwdriver which he had used to cause damage of £1,000 to the car.

The court was told Baggaley failed to appear before Boston's magistrates after being charged in relation to the car and went on to carry out further crimes.

Andrew Scott, prosecuting, said this included breaking a window to gain entry into an office at Boston Crematorium. No property was taken but Baggaley's DNA was matched from blood left on a table.

Baggaley went on to snatch a woman's handbag from a room in the Garden's Residential Home in Boston after smashing a window as he was passing.

The court heard Baggaley was sentenced to 12 months in a young offenders' institution for a previous burglary in 2008.

Baggaley also asked for 13 other offences including a single house burglary where jewellery was stolen to be taken into account during his sentencing.

Neil Sands, mitigating, told the court Baggaley turned back to crime after drinking heavily to beat his heroin addiction.

Mr Sands said: "At its height, he was drinking ten cans of strong lager a day. He doesn't know why he broke into the crematorium, and was just passing when he saw the handbag."

Baggaley, of no fixed address, admitted three charges of burglary and one bail offence all committed in June and July this year.

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