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Council leader moves to assure mother

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A COUNCIL leader has said he wants to assure a South Derbyshire mother of quadruplets whose ashes were scattered at Bretby Crematorium that the protection of the grounds is included in discussions.

Richard Grosvenor, leader of East Staffordshire Borough Council, is hoping to assure Dawn Morley, of Spring Close, Castle Gresley, that the protection of the crematorium’s grounds and the families’ rights to visit are ‘very much’ part of the discussion with the Midlands Co-op.

There has been uproar from many borough residents after it was revealed that the Geary Lane site — which is jointly owned by the borough council and South Derbyshire District Council — is in discussions with Midlands Co-op to sell the site for £8 million.

Mrs Morley, who lost her four babies in 2007, scattered their ashes in the grounds of the crematorium, and told the Mail she was worried about the proposed sale, saying she thought there would be a possibility that the rights to visit may change.

However, Councillor Grosvenor said: “As a father of two young children I have to say I cannot comprehend her loss or the fact she is able to talk about it. Her strength in this is remarkable; I would not have that strength so she has my admiration.

“I want to assure her that the protection of these grounds and the families’ rights to visit is very much part of our discussions with Co-op and this is something they will be doing. Our legal discussions will absolutely cover these types of scenarios."

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