Concerns over Salisbury’s crematorium cold storage - News about crematoria in Europe - informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium

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Concerns over Salisbury’s crematorium cold storage informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium
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PLANS to include a cold storage unit at Salisbury’s crematorium have raised concerns.

The crematorium in Barrington Road needs new equipment to meet government guidelines for cutting the levels of mercury being released into the atmosphere and Salisbury City Council is using the opportunity to carry out desperately needed upgrades to the rest of the building.

City councillors have all agreed the building needs to be extended to increase the size of the chapel and improve the waiting room and toilets for mourners, but plans to include a cold storage facility were slammed by councillors at the city council’s services meeting last Monday night.

Councillors Jo Broom and Bobbie Chettleburgh both raised concerns it would lead to “stockpiling people’s remains” and said the public would not want it.

City clerk Reg Williams said firing up the cremators is the expensive part and costs a three-figure sum each time so a cold storage unit would enable them to store bodies in the quiet summer months when they often only have one service a day rather than firing up the cremator each time.

The cold storage facility is a stand alone unit which could hold six bodies, and Mr Williams reassured councillors that nothing would be done without the permission of the family involved.

The project is currently out to tender and the council is expecting to receive quotes for the work before Christmas. There will then be an opportunity for councillors to have a full debate on the issue before a final decision is made.

Each element of the refurbishment project will be individually priced so any element can be removed from the proposal.

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