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Gwent Crematorium could get solar panels informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium
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SOLAR panels could be installed at Gwent Crematorium to help with energy costs.

A report to the Greater Gwent Crematorium Joint Committee says the panels could be installed on three areas of flat roof on the building in Croesyceiliog.

It is estimated they could generate around 9,000 KW per year, amounting to £3,654, which would provide around five per cent of the building’s annual requirements.

The cost of buying and installing the system would be around £40,000, the report says.

Other areas, including a 1,300 metre square area of ground to the west of the main building was looked at but was not considered appropriate because of the sensitive nature of the crematorium site.

The pitched roof of the chapel was also dismissed as an option as it was considered visually unacceptable.

The photovoltaic panels, which could be installed, would be thin silicon panels that can be mounted onto flat areas as positioning is less important with this type of panel because they don’t rely on direct sunlight.

The report says they are the most efficient when south facing at an angle of 30 degrees and must not be covered by shade, trees or future developments.

The system would need electrical maintenance but would last around 25 years and as they would be bonded to any roof on installation it would need to have been recently renewed.

But the report adds that the building's east and west roofs were replaces in the last four years.

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