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Shrewsbury crematorium £1.7m revamp plan informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium
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A £1.7 million revamp of Shrewsbury’s crematorium is being planned by the new managers, it was revealed this afternoon.

Co-operative Funeralcare, which took over Emstrey Crematorium from Shropshire Council in September as part of a multi-million pound deal, is seeking permission to upgrade the ageing chapel and crematorium buildings in London Road.

Sam Shale, public relations officer for Cooperative Funeralcare, said: “The Co-operative Group is committed to investing an initial £1.7 million to upgrade Emstrey Crematorium to ensure it is able to continue to provide a quality service to the community. This is part of our long-term commitment to Emstrey and all those families that use its services.”

She added: “We plan to improve the fabric of the building especially the service chapel, waiting room and other public facing facilities. We are also committed to replacing the cremators with equipment that complies with the new 2012 mercury emissions legislation recently introduced.”

The scheme is due to be decided upon by the end of January.

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