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Rugby: Crematorium - what's the fuss? informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium
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AM I the only person who cannot understand what all the fuss is about regarding the proposed crematorium and burial ground at the rear of St Andrew's rugby club in Ashlawn Road?
I have read several letters of objection in your publication over the last few weeks and so far not one of them, in my opinion, has come up with a good reason why this development should not be allowed to proceed.
The site is secluded from residential areas as it dips away from the developed parts of Ashlawn Road and, quite frankly, it is hard to imagine a more suitable site surrounded as it is by rolling countryside yet still convenient to the town.
Where I wonder would objectors prefer to see our much needed crematorium built - on the old Granada Bingo site perhaps or, worse still, out at Willoughby?
The proposed site even has a ready made approach avenue of mature trees giving it a pleasant and sympathetic access road to what I am sure will be a welcome addition to the other established cemeteries in our town.

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