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Essential work means fewer cremations in Gwent informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium
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THE number of cremations that take place in Gwent will be reduced next year while essential work is carried out at Gwent’s only crematorium.

Some families may have to have their loved ones cremated out of the county while two of four cremators at Gwent Crematorium in Cwmbran are shut down.

This will allow work to meet Environment Agency targets to reduce mercury emissions to be carried out.

A report by Cllr Bryan Jones, Monmouthshire Council’s cabinet member for operations and chairman of the Greater Gwent Crematorium Joint Committee, said two of the four cremators will be shut down in rotation for nine months next year.

Cllr Jones said the resulting disruption will “lead to a substantial fall” in the number of cremations the Cwmbran site can deal with and people may choose to use crematoriums elsewhere.

He said: "For example if someone is living in on the edge of Greater Gwent they may choose to go elsewhere.”

"The effect is not as bad as it appears, as only three out of the four cremators are in use at any time normally but the work has to done."

He said other crematoria have had to do this, including in Cardiff.

Gwent Crematorium holds 2,700 cremations a year and experienced a higher than usual number is August at 241.

It costs £462 for each cremation and charges are determined by comparison with neighbouring crematoria.

The crematorium makes a surplus each year, and this sum is split between the five Gwent authorities based on population.

Last year the surplus generated £83,000 for Monmouthshire Council, which Cllr Jones said is higher than normal and will reduce considerably next year because of the planned work.

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