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Council workers to strike over cuts informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium
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Hundreds of highways, planning and crematorium workers in London will stage strike action on Tuesday in the latest outbreak of industrial action by council staff over cuts.

Around 400 members of Unison at Barnet Council in London will take action after warning that 70% of employees could lose their jobs over the next 16 months.

The union said the council has already sold off a number of services, and has now put several contracts, with a total value of £2 billion, out for consultation with the private sector.

Linda Perks, Unison's London regional secretary, said: "Barnet Council continues to push through reckless plans that gamble with the future of hundreds of staff and the vital services they provide.

"The response from the council to the action has also been disgraceful, as they are now threatening to send workers home without pay if they do not work the full day.

"A huge amount of money will be wasted during the procurement process through payments to consultants, shareholders, and in contract costs. This cash should be invested in local people and in keeping vital services running.

"We are calling on Barnet Council to listen to staff and the union's concerns. Barnet Council workers do not take action lightly, and it could be avoided if the council put a stop to its devastating plans."

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