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Cemetery travellers facing court action

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Council moves for eviction

HIGHLAND Council will take court action against travellers today if they are still camped at the gates of Inverness Crematorium and Kilvean Cemetery.

Mourners are having to pass through the travellers’ encampment and several have lodged complaints with the council.

A council spokesman said that seven vehicles, six caravans and a motor-home, make up the encampment, with nine adults and about 11 children.

He added: “We have given them an ultimatum to leave and, if they do not, then we will raise a court action on Friday.”

He added: “We told the travellers it is considered a most inappropriate and insensitive place to set up camp, and that is why we feel justified in asking them to move and telling them that, if they do not, then legal action will be taken.”

Four cremations took place yesterday, and one mourner told the Press and Journal: “Our cars had to weave among children playing on the road. One of the travellers’ cars then moved off in front of us, broke down and blocked our exit. It was a disgrace, and we were all furious.”

There is also concern that dogs from the encampment are roaming among the cemetery graves.

The travellers, understood to be mostly from Ireland, were previously sited in empty store car parks at the Carse, Inverness, but were moved on from there.

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