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Replacement hip and knee joints from deceased cremated in Hereford recycled

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HIP and knee replacement joints are being recycled from the deceased who have been cremated in Hereford.

The proceeds from the new project have so far raised more than £4,000 which has gone to MacMillan Cancer Support.

“We only recycle metals resulting from cremation after receiving written consent from each bereaved family,” said John Gibbon, Herefordshire Council’s bereavement services manager.

“This metal used to be buried in the grounds of the crematorium until the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM), of which we are a member, set up this recycling scheme.

“This means metals can now be collected from ICCM members and then sent to two companies that turn them into new orthopaedic implants.”

Tim Morris, chief executive of ICCM, added that the scheme has been well received by bereaved families, with only one or two requesting the return of metals.

Councillor Russell B. Hamilton, assistant cabinet member for the environment, said that he is pleased that money raised through the scheme has gone to a good cause.

“Those families who have elected to participate can be confident that their support in memory of loved ones is being put to good use for the care of others through MacMillan Cancer Support,” he added.

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