Residents ask O'Farrell to intervene on Greendale crematorium - News about crematoria in Europe - informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium

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Residents ask O'Farrell to intervene on Greendale crematorium informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium
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RESIDENTS of Greendale Rd are taking their fight against a crematorium being built in their street straight to the top.

They are requesting a meeting with Premier Barry O’Farrell.

The residents failed to stop the Sydney West Joint Regional Planning Panel (JRPP) approving the development but hope Mr O’Farrell will overturn its decision.

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Duncan McDonald is one of scores of residents who have begun bombarding Mr O’Farrell’s office with protest letters.

Mr McDonald said a “planning disaster’’ would occur if the State Government didn’t intervene.

“The application is one of five being considered for the area. We request that all of these applications are examined concurrently as the combined effect will be nothing short of a disaster for the region,’’ he said.

“The danger is that Liverpool Council will look at each one separately and not take into consideration the impact on the residents, the roadways, the infrastructure, the transport and the environment.”

JRPP member and Liverpool councillor Tony Hadchiti, who voted against the development, said the application should not have been determined before a study of the impact of all five applications was done.

He also said a decision should be deferred until after the council’s review of the Liverpool Local Environmental Plan 2008.

“But the council that we’ve got at the moment is so narrow minded, it doesn’t think ahead,’’ he said.

“[Minister for Planning and Infrastructure] Brad Hazzard and Barry O’Farrell can intervene and hopefully they will.”

A spokesman for Mr O’Farrell said it was a matter for the Department of Planning.

Planning Minister Brad Hazzard was preparing a response for the Leader at the time of going to print.

For more on the residents’ battle against the Greendale crematorium, read the Liverpool Leader tomorrow

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