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Parndon Wood crematorium renovation plans submitted informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium
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Plans for a £750,000 makeover of a 50-year-old crematorium in west Essex have been submitted for approval.

The upgrade at Parndon Wood Cemetery and Crematorium in Harlow would be its most significant since opening in 1961.

Work would include refurbishment of the chapel, including a new entrance hall, a larger car park, and landscaping of its grounds.

The plans will go before Harlow Council in the new year and, if approved, work is expected to begin next summer.

Westerleigh, a private company which took over management of the site from Harlow Council in July, is behind the renovation plans.
'Ambitious plans'

The council agreed a 25-year lease for the company to run the service and invest in its refurbishment.

Conservative Harlow councillor Tony Hall said: "The point of our deal with Westerleigh was to secure new investment for a facility that everyone agreed was in need of updating.

"These ambitious plans underline what we want to do."

Westerleigh managing director Richard Evans said: "The refurbishment of the chapel is the next stage in a number of improvements we are planning.

"We believe they will create the right environment for those attending a funeral service and for people who visit graves for years to come."

Consultation with users, clergy and funeral directors on the plans has been taking place since September.

Further plans to build two new cremators and emissions control equipment are expected at a later date as part of a £3m investment.

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