Crematorium memorial garden created to remember loved ones without a burial plot - News about crematoria in Europe - informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium

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Crematorium memorial garden created to remember loved ones without a burial plot informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium
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GRIEVING families whose loved ones do not have a burial plot can now have a personalised memorial.

Bereaved relatives will be able to buy a variety of plaques displayed in a newly created Memorial Garden in the grounds of the Washingborough- based Lincoln Crematorium.

The plaques will only be available on leases of ten or 20 years, meaning they will need to be removed or the lease extended when it runs out.

Costs range between £160 and £535.

The idea of the lease contract is to ensure families in years to come get access to the space.

Nick Barton, bereavement services officer at the council, based at Lincoln Crematorium, helped plan the space.

He said: "I started working at Lincoln Crematorium after coming from one in Preston and was very surprised there wasn't this facility already in place for people suffering a loss.

"People grieve in different ways and there are many who would like to have the option of somewhere they can see their loved one's name, leave flowers or just sit quietly.

"We have had about 90 people leave their details for a spot since last January, so they will be very pleased to finally be able to have their plaque created."

The Memorial Garden was developed after the City of Lincoln Council was forced to stop relatives planting trees and erecting benches due to a lack of space.

Situated in the back part of the grounds, it features a large paved area with grey granite benches.

It has been built over the past few months, but families had to wait until now for different price plans to be approved by bosses at City Hall.

The whole area has not yet been developed, but the council said it will add more benches, vaults, kerb stone and wall plaques as they are required.

"One option is a Sanctum Vault, which can hold the remains of two people, with a plaque on the front," said Mr Barton.

"They will be leased on a 20-year basis at £535.

"The other choices – all offered on a ten-year lease – are a kerb block memorial, which has a plaque and space to leave flowers for £260; a plaque on a granite memorial bench for £235; wall plaques for £160."

Care worker Joanne Smithe, 27, of Wragby Road in Lincoln, said: "I think it's a good idea to give families the chance to have something like this they can keep for a long time.

"However, the only thing I would say is it could be a bit distressing for families when the lease runs out on whichever spot they bought and families have to see it removed so that another person will be remembered in their space."

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