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Dismay over Rugby crematorium proposals

www.crematorium.eu informs about crematoria in Europe- Krematorium.eu- crematorio.eu, find a crematorium
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I WISH to convey to you all my utter dismay at the proposed crematorium.
My first objection is because we have been waiting for a promised country park for many years. Rugby continues to expand as more and more housing estates are shoehorned into every available plot. Large houses are bought and bulldozed to make way for mini housing estates, yet we still do not have any recreational facilities such as those at Daventry and Coombe Abbey.
My second objection is it is far to close to housing - not the sort of thing you want to look at when walking around the footpaths.
Back to my first point – children have nowhere to go to vent their energy, they only have access to Heath Way park. I appeared in the press talking of the problems back in 1992 which shows just how long we waited.
The only suitable place is on the old GEC ground but children would then have to cross a very busy road. With all the new housing, a fair bit having little or no garden space, there will undoubtedly be growing families and the need for recreation will increase. What are the council going to do about this?
We need somewhere for the people of Rugby to go for a walk, take the kids or even the dog and take in the countryside - not a place to incinerate our dead.
I know I am not the only one who thinks Rugby residents seem to always get the rough end of the stick. We get the fall out and loss of countryside from DIRFT, and Daventry gets the credit. The name makes it clear it is nothing to do with Rugby, but it is very confusing if you expect it to be in Daventry.
I feel frustrated I have brought up five children in this area and have not had a decent place to take any of them. My youngest is 11 and she starts high school in September.
We have a half-hearted cycle path that leads to nowhere. Rugby is not flat, it is surrounded almost on every route in and out has a gradient at some point. Dog walkers are using the St Andrews field – not ideal but where is there to go?
The canal corridor cannot be for the benefit of Rugby residents, it isn't easy to access and would appear to have been snapped up for development. How much longer are we going to be sold out? Coombe Abbey in Rugby borough sold to Coventry City Council, DIRFT pushing the boundary in Hillmorton, wind farms, crematoriums, warehousing, houses squeezed into every available patch of land and not one small consideration for where these extra people are to exercise.
I am a midwife in Birmingham and even our Rugby babies cannot be born in Rugby unless by home birth. Why is more priority being afforded to the dead rather than the living?

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