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Belfast City Council has apologised after a sensitive document was used as a sign in a public toilet at one of its cemeteries. A healthcare worker, who did not wish to be identified, handed over the document to the Belfast Telegraph after finding it taped to a wall in a loo at Roselawn Cemetery, where City of Belfast Crematorium is situated. The file was a cremation order for Mr James Renwick, whose funeral service took place in June 2009. Mr Renwick’s wife Hannah said she was appalled at the |blunder. She said: “This is confidential, something that should be locked away in a file in an office. “This shouldn’t be used as some sort of waste paper or poster.”
Telegraph | 13/10/2010
A WIDOW was left heartbroken when a memorial to her husband was moved without her knowledge. June Bowers lost her husband Frank to cancer in 2004 and shortly afterwards had a vase placed at Bradwell Crematorium in his memory. For more than five years, Mrs Bowers and her family have visited and tended the site, which they assumed was theirs to use. But staff have now removed the vase, as they say it was an unauthorised memorial.
TIS | 7/10/2010
n Western societies, disposing of a dead body has come down to two choices: there's burial, and there's cremation. Occasionally, a corpse is donated to science, but even those remains usually make their way to the crematorium in the end. But since climate change has piqued the world's environmental awareness, it has become clear that death, despite being the most natural of processes, is bad for the environment. Coffins, most of which are made from nonbiodegradable chipboard,
TIME | 5/10/2010
GRIEVING families whose loved ones do not have a burial plot can now have a personalised memorial. Bereaved relatives will be able to buy a variety of plaques displayed in a newly created Memorial Garden in the grounds of the Washingborough- based Lincoln Crematorium. The plaques will only be available on leases of ten or 20 years, meaning they will need to be removed or the lease extended when it runs out.
TIL | 5/10/2010
Sus 140 kilos fueron la razón del rechazo de varios crematorios En Burdeos, Francia, el cadáver de una difunta obesa fue rechazado por varios crematorios debido a su peso de 140 kilos. La finada, de 63 años, no pudo ser cremada porque las funerarias alegaban que no cabía en el horno crematorio. Después de que la noticia saliera en varios medios se encontró una solución para el problema en un crematorio a 250 kilómetros del lugar de defunción de la mujer.
ADEL | 1/10/2010
Será en el crematorio del cementerio municipal desde las 9, cuando autoridades judiciales, acompañadas de testigos, procederán a destruir cocaína y marihuana secuestrada en operativos realizados en febrero en Santa Clara del Mar y a fines de agosto en un domicilio de Punta Mogotes, entre otros.
ADEL | 1/10/2010
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