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Mourners might get to watch the funerals of family and friends from the comfort of their own home by having the service streamed live over the internet. High-definition webcams might be fixed in Worcester’s crematorium so people who cannot get to funerals can watch the service as it happens or at another time by downloading a file. The service would cost £40.
Worcester news | 23/2/2011
Plans to build a new crematorium and memorial garden near Lichfield have been unveiled. Mercia Crematoria Developments have submitted plans to Lichfield District Council to develop the new site at land behind the Fradley Arms pub.
ADEL | 22/2/2011
Furious mail readers have come forward to vent their anger at the potential sale of Bretby Crematorium which has moved a step closer to privatisation. The Mail revealed that two secret council meetings will be held to discuss ‘disposing’ with the Geary Lane site to a private operator which has led to outrage from the public, many of whom have relatives’ ashes scattered there.
Burton Mail | 22/2/2011
Bürgerinitiative veranstaltet erneut Demonstration vor dem Kissinger Rathaus. Kissing Die Bürgerinitiative „Kissinger sagen Nein“ setzt ihren Kampf gegen den Bau des Krematoriums fort. Erneut hatte sie zur Demonstration vor dem Rathaus aufgerufen. Etwa 200 Leute hatten sich versammelt, um ihrem Ärger Luft zu machen. Laut Polizei waren es deutlich weniger als beim letzten Mal.
Augsburger Allgemeine | 21/2/2011
Allistair Anderson from the City of London cemetery explains why discretion and professionalism are so important in his line of business, as is a good sense of humour. Outside the north chapel of the City of London cemetery and crematorium in east London, a single magpie hops around on the grass. Close by, a family is waiting for Allistair Anderson, the cemetery's senior crematorium officer, to go through arrangements for a forthcoming funeral with them.
Guardian | 21/2/2011
De gemeente Heerhugowaard zal niet instemmen met de bouw van een crematorium waar nu poppodium de Waerdse Tempel staat. De eigenaar van de Waerdse Tempel wil het gebouw verkopen aan uitvaartverzorger Monuta, die er een crematorium zou willen neerzetten. Het Heerhugowaardse college van burgemeester en wethouders laat weten géén voorstander te zijn van een crematorium in het Park van Luna.
RTVNH | 21/2/2011
Fast 1100 Internetnutzer haben in den letzten gut zehn Monaten über das Kissinger Krematorium abgestimmt. Die kleine Grafik "Voting-Ergebnisse" auf Seite 5 unserer gestrigen Ausgabe bezieht sich auf eine Abstimmung, die seit 10. März vergangenen Jahres läuft. Die Abstimmung ist nicht repräsentativ. Die Fragestellung "Soll die Gemeinde Kissing das Krematorium zulassen?" wurde bis gestern Mittag von 1098 Leserinnen und Lesern angeklickt, davon stimmten 792 mit Ja und 306 mit Nein.
Augsburger Allgemeine | 21/2/2011
A local authority has approved plans to supply a leisure centre with heat from a crematorium A local authority has approved plans to supply a leisure centre with heat from a crematorium. Redditch council gave the proposal to divert heat from Redditch Crematorium’s chimney to the redeveloped Abbey Stadium sports centre the green light at a council meeting last Monday.
Property week | 21/2/2011
The metal body parts of people cremated at Chelmsford Crematorium have been used to raise more than £8,000 for Farleigh Hospice. Money was raised by a scheme organised by the Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management (ICCM).
Yellow Advertiser | 21/2/2011
The potential sale of Bretby Crematorium has moved a significant step closer with a secret meeting to be held about ‘disposing’ of the site to a private operator. The Mail understands that four companies have now submitted bids to buy the crematorium — jointly owned by East Staffordshire Borough Council and South Derbyshire District Council.
Burton Mail | 21/2/2011
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