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It appears several Paphos mayor candidates considered that the Church is opposed to a crematorium for Cyprus, but both the Archbishop and the Bishop of Paphos have told me they believe it is a matter of individual choice - and neither would stand in its way. The stumbling bock is unquestionably Central Government where, for several years, various Ministries have assured me the legal framework is “imminent” but almost a decade has passed with nothing emerging. However, a few months ago Law Commissioner Leda Koursoumba wrote to me saying legislation would be drafted in respect of funeral parlours, embalming, and crematoria before the end of this year.
Cyprus Mail | 20/12/2011
When non-Cypriot EU voters in Paphos go to the polls for this year’s municipal elections, a handful of key issues are likely to sway their ballots – including animal welfare, expat representation and the environment. However, few issues are likely to be as divisive - or perhaps decisive - as the proposed crematorium. For almost a decade, the idea of building a crematorium to service the large expat community in Paphos and beyond has been politically sensitive, perennially put on the back burner by the government in the face of church opposition.
Cyprus Mail | 12/12/2011
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