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A crematorium in Surrey has raised money for charity by recycling metal body parts. With consent from relatives, Guildford crematorium has sold metal items, such as orthopaedic implants, for scrap. Traditionally any metal left after the cremation process would be given back to relatives or buried, but the new alternative is to recycle it. Guildford crematorium has now been able to donate about £5,000 to the Shooting Star CHASE children's hospice.
BBC | 8/12/2011
THE price of cremation will rise by 15% in Guildford, after the borough council approved an increase in charges proposed to help offset the cost of making crematoria more eco-friendly. From November 14, the current rate of £504 per cremation will rise by 5%, with a further increase of 10% by April 2012, after Guildford Borough Council gave the proposals the go-ahead at a meeting last Thursday.
Get Surrey | 20/10/2011
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