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Plans for a £750,000 makeover of a 50-year-old crematorium in west Essex have been submitted for approval. The upgrade at Parndon Wood Cemetery and Crematorium in Harlow would be its most significant since opening in 1961. Work would include refurbishment of the chapel, including a new entrance hall, a larger car park, and landscaping of its grounds.
| 24/11/2011
THE council is considering putting up the cost of funeral services by another 7 per cent. That is on top of the 10 per cent rise imposed in January. The move has been prompted by warnings that the community services budget is heading for a £125,000 shortfall. Increasing charges for the 1,700 services at the Park Wood Crematorium, in Elland, could raise £55,000 in a full year.
Halifax Courier | 27/9/2011
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