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A crematorium in Surrey has raised money for charity by recycling metal body parts. With consent from relatives, Guildford crematorium has sold metal items, such as orthopaedic implants, for scrap. Traditionally any metal left after the cremation process would be given back to relatives or buried, but the new alternative is to recycle it. Guildford crematorium has now been able to donate about £5,000 to the Shooting Star CHASE children's hospice.
BBC | 8/12/2011
HIP and knee replacement joints are being recycled from the deceased who have been cremated in Hereford. The proceeds from the new project have so far raised more than £4,000 which has gone to MacMillan Cancer Support. “We only recycle metals resulting from cremation after receiving written consent from each bereaved family,” said John Gibbon, Herefordshire Council’s bereavement services manager.
Hereford News | 19/11/2011
A crematorium in Hereford has raised thousands of pounds for charity by recycling metals such as hip and knee implants left behind after cremations. Herefordshire Council said it used to bury the metal in its crematorium grounds but had started recycling the metal for charity instead. It said it had so far donated £4,485 to MacMillan Cancer Support.
BBC | 16/11/2011
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