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A GRIEVING family was banned from commemorating their dead mother on her late husband’s tombstone at Canley Crematorium – because of a grave records mix-up by council officials. Labour leaders at Coventry City Council launched an investigation after council staff warned other families could suffer from the same mistakes due to staffing problems. A brother and sister in their 50s were told they could not engrave their mother’s name or loving words on their father’s headstone after she passed away earlier this year.
Coventry Telegraph | 21/12/2011
Thieves have stolen about 40 brass memorial plaques from the Surrey and Sussex Crematorium. Sussex Police said the plaques stolen from the crematorium in Balcombe Road, Crawley, had probably been sold to scrap metal dealers. Insp Zahid Khan said: "Having a plaque stolen from a loved one's grave is clearly a distressing thing to happen." He appealed for any scrap metal dealers who may have been offered the plaques to come forward with information.
BBC | 18/9/2011
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