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Thieves steal Sutton great gran's floral tributes informs about crematoria in Europe-, find a crematorium
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Sick thieves stole a newly laid floral tribute that spelled out the word "Mum" from a crematorium hours after a funeral.

Alice Rollins, 81, died from cancer on July 18 at her home in Benhill Road in Sutton.

The distraught family attended a funeral at the Lower Morden Lane Crematorium on July 21 to pay their last respects.

Following the service, thieves walked into the crematorium and took a vase and a basket full of flowers and also a large wreath which spelled out the word "Mum".

Daughter Sandra Sansom, 62 said she felt physically sick when she found out what had happened.

She said: "I returned from the crematorium with my grand children to pay their respects to their great grandmother who they oved dearly.

"They are quite young and do not really understand the concept of dying and that they would never see their great granny again.

"To add to our grief some low life of a human being had stolen the floral "MUM"."

Son-in-law Peter Sansom, a relative of England football legend Kenny Sansom said Mrs Rollins great grandchildren were heartbroken.

He said: "We tried to protect them by keeping them away from the funeral, but the next day we wanted to show them all the flowers. Whoever stole it is in my eyes the lowest of the low."

The wreath cost he family £120, so as well as the emotional implications, there is also a financial one.

According to Mr Sansom, who spoke to funeral directors after the cremation, it was not the first time that flowers had gone missing from the crematorium.

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