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News 2009 Latest news about crematoria in Europe

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21-12-2009 (UK)
Plans unveiled to expand Wolverhampton´s Bushbury crematorium
Express and star

18-12-2009 (UK)
Eco-friendly Dewsbury crematorium to recycle waste heat
Huddersfield Examiner

18-12-2009 (Italy)
Crematorium for Imola
Nuovo Diario

17-12-2009 (Germany)
Citizens against Krematorium Kissing
Augsburger Allgemeine

17-12-2009 (UK)
Second crematorium plan approved

16-12-2009 (UK)
Improvements to be made to facilities at York Crematorium
York press

15-12-2009 (Germany)
Krematorium Mannheim started to clean up after fire. Damage 500.00 €
Bild (German with movie)

14-12-2009 (Germany)
Krematorium Mannheim on fire
Regenbogen (German)
You tube

12-12-2009 (Germany)
Krematorium in Alfter?
General Anzeiger

12-12-2009 (UK)
Work to build crematorium chapel West Bromwich starts
express and star (English)

12-12-2009 (Spain)
The Supreme Court against Crematorio in Burgos
Diario de Burgos (spanish)
El correo digital (Spanish)

11-12-2009 (UK)
Mother granted dying wish to be taken to the crematorium... on a BUS
Daily Mail

11-12-2009 (UK)
Obese 40-stone Somerset man 'too heavy to cremate'

10-12-2009 (Germany)
Urngraves are popular
Wormser Zeitung

09-12-2009 Spain)
Crematorio Logroño opens in april 2010

09-12-2009 (UK)
Race on to build Aberdeenshire´s first crematorium
The press and journal

09-12-2009 (Italy)
Crematorium Varese out of order.
Comune di Varese

09-12-2009 (Spain)
Crusifix or no crucifix in crematorio Pamplona
diario de Navarra

08-12-2009 (Italy)
NO new cremator for PORTOMAGGIORE
La Nuovo Ferara

08-12-2009 (UK)
Perth Crematorium to host service for lost loved-ones
Perth advertiser

07-12-2009 (UK)
Crematorium in East Sussex to use burning bodies to generate electricity
The Argus (English)

05-12-2009 (India)
Jesuit priest planning to set up solar crematorium in Patna

05-12-2009 (Spain)
NaBai asked to remove the crucifix from crematorio Pamplona
Diario de Navarra

05-12-2009 (Itallia)
When does crematorium Salento come?

03-12-2009 (Germany)
Crematorium Dortmund on the brink
Der Westen (German)

02-12-2009 (Germany)
100 year cremations in Leipzig
Leipzig Seiten

02-12-2009 (Germany)
23.000.000 € for renovation Krematorium Ohlsdorf
Hamburger Abendblatt (German)

02-12-2009 (Spain)
The new crematorium in Cadiz will be able to meet thousand annual services
Diario de Cadiz

01-12-2009 (Spain)
The crisis does not even respect the dead
El comercio digital

30-11-2009 (italy)
Suspension of service at the crematorium Varese
Notiziario Italiano

30-11-2009 (UK
Crematoriums get competitive!
Chelmsford Weekly News

28-11-2009 (Belgium)
Ledegem supports crematorium in Kortrijk
De Standaard

27-11-2009 (Holland)
Haarlem sells crematorium
Haarlems Dagblad (Dutch)

27-11-2009 (Holland)
Stop cremarorium Huissen
De Gelderlander

27-11-2009 (Denmark)
Supercrematorium to save CO2
The Copenhagen Post

27-11-2009 (US)
Crematorium destroyed in fire at Batavia-area cemetery
Daily Herald

26-11-2009 (UK)
Green light for Melrose crematorium
The Southern Reporter

26-11-2009 (Denmark)
Old crematorium in Copenhagen transforms into dance hall
The Copenhagen post

25-11-2009 (Germany)
Trend changes towards individual form funerals
Nürnberger Nachrichten

25-11-2009 (Belgium )
Tobback: "Crematorium Holsbeek is in order '

24-11-2009 (UK)
Borders crematorium clears final planning hurdle

23-11-2009 (Germany)
Death is expensive

23-11-2009 (Germany)
Piety has a price
Der Tagesspiegel

21-11-2009 (Germany)
Welcome in Ahrensburgs Hightech-Krematorium

21-11-2009 (Holland)
Crematorium Goes soon under construction
Provinciale Zeeuwse Courant

21-11-2009 (Spain)
Plattform against crematorium in Valencia
Las Provincias
Diario Information (Spanish)

20-11-2009 (Spain)
Cremarorio Medina del Campo opens doors
Norte Castilla

19-11-2009 (UK)
Fight goes on to block crematorium
The Southern Reporter

19-11-2009 (UK)
Go-ahead given for second crematorium in Fenland - but subject to conditions
cambs 24

19-11-2009 (Belgium)
St. Niklaas wins conrete price
Bouwen en wonen
De standaard (Dutch)
Architectenweb (Dutch)
Waanskrant (Dutch) Crematorium.eu

19-11-2009 (Spain)
PSPV dismissed appeal against the crematorium

18-11-2009 (UK)
Crematorium privatisation approved
The weston mercury

18-11-2009 (Holland)
Door open evening crematorium Oldenzaal
RTV Oost

18-11-2009 (Spain)
Medina del Campo gets crematorium
Europa press

18-11-2009 (france)
Crematorium Nice is open again

17-11-2009 (Belgium)
What is the future of Havicrem?
editie pajot

17-11-2009 (Spain)
Invitation for tenders Almeria crematorio

16-11-2009 (UK)
More consultation needed on Melrose crematorium plans
Border Telegraph

16-11-2009 (Taiwan)
Power generation by cremation.

16-11-2009 (Holland)
The Netherlands start with funeral tv

14-11-2009 (Holland)
Door open day crematoriun Kranenburg
Weblog Zwolle

12-11-2009 (UK)
Westerleigh crematorium: It's Melrose or nowhere
The southern reporter

12-11-2009 (Germany)
School visits Krematorium Dortmund
Der Westen (German)

11-11-2009 (Holland)
Okay for crematorium Oldenzaal
RTV Oost
Trabantia (Dutch)

11-11-2009 (Spain)
Mazzarón will have a crematorium
La opinion de Murcia

10-11-2009 (UK)
Crematorium goes private in £3m deal
The Weston mercury

10-11-2009 (France)
Camp Lawrence needs crematorium

10-11-2009 (UK)
Planners look set to scupper proposals for a second crematorium in Fenland
Cambs Times

10-11-2009 (Spain)
Step forward for crematorium project
La Voz de Galicia

09-11-2009 (France)
Deux crématorium projets in malouine district
Ouest France

09-11-2009 (UK)
Crematorium bid receives approval

09-11-2009 (UK)
British nurse Helen Smith cremated 30 years after Saudi balcony fall death
The Gardian

08-11-2009 (Malta)
11 years lost on crematorium project
The independent

08-11-2009 (UK)
Worker Markeaton crematorium injured in crem horror accident
This is Derbyshire

07-11-2009 (Spain)
Crematorium Torrelavega opens in March
El diario montanes

06-11-2009 (UK)
The South Wales Golf Range closed for the last time on Saturday- Crematorium instead of Golf
Barry and district news

05-11-2009 (Scotland)
Planners back crematorium scheme

05-11-2009 (UK)
Crematory study needs more time
Wicked Local

05-11-2009 (Spain)
The new crematorio will serve Alcoy in January
Las provincias

04-11-2009 (Spain)
They claim that the chimney of a crematorium does not pollute
data chaco

04-11-2009 (Austria)
Historical documentation remembers founder of cremation in Vienna

West Herts Crematorium in Watford has served south-west Hertfordshire for 50 years
Watford Observer

03-11-2009 (UK)
Start of Fenland crematorium but rival company still wants one at Chatteri
The Cambs Times

02-11-2009 (Sweden)
Five architectural firms have been invited to design a crematorium in Stockholm
Architecture and Design

01-11-2009 (Germany)
Krematorium Stuttgart: Piety untill the end
Stuttgarter Zeitung

01-11-2009 (France)
The H1N1 virus does not seize the crematorium
La voix du nord

31-10-2009 (Belgium)
New crematorium for Zemnt in 2014

30-10-2009 (Spain)
Segovia will have a crematorium in 2010
Norte Castilla

30-10-2009 (Spain)
The human cremation also emits CO2
La Vanguardia

30-10-2009 (France)
The crematorium is a place of meditation

30-10-2009 (Germany)
Urn lost in post office

30-10-2009 (Scotland)
Google Maps sends mourners to crematorium eleven miles off target
Deadline Scotland

30-10-2009 (Belgium)
No Camouflage for funerals
De Standaard (Dutch)

29-10-2009 (Spain)
The City Logroño spends over € 600,000 in the Municipal Crematorio

29-10-2009 (Spain)
Calatayud mayor can not intervene in the location of the crematorium
Europa press

29-10-2009 (France)
100 urns waiting in crematorium Annecy
Le Dauphine

29-10-2009 (Germany)
Kremation more ecologically friendly
Welt Online

29-10-2009 (UK)
Eastleigh's first crematorium nears completion
Daily Echo

29-10-2009 (Spain)
Crematorio for Las Palmas, Gran Ganaria in 2010
La Provincia

28-10-2009 (Austria)
More cremations in Sieggraben

28-10-2009 (Spain)
The City Council sets a rate of 180 euros per incineration for crematorio Huesca

27-10-2009 (Germany)
Krematorium Mainz for one day out of service
Allgemeine Zeitung

27-10-2009 (Malta)
Cremation idea gaining ground
Times of Malta

27-10-2009 (Holland
Green light for crematorium Zutphen
De Stentor

26-10-2009 (Belgium)
Documents crematorium Holsbeek incomplete

26-10-2009 (France)
A new funeral complex with crematorium planned in Albi
La Depeche

26-10-2009 (Holland)
Urn stolen from crematorium Ede
Ede Stad

24-10-2009 (Spain)
The first crematorium in the area has opened
El correo digital

23-10-2009 (France )
Crematorium Cholet opens in July 2010

23-10-2009 (Spain)
Construction of Tarazona crematorio starts in november
El Periódico

22-10-2009 (UK)
Group will carry on its opposition to crematorium
This is Exeter

22-10-2009 (UK)
Planners say yes to new crematorium
This is Somerset

22-10-2009 (Spain)
Renovation crematorium Utrera begins
UVITEL (Spanish)

21-10-2009 (UK)
Bristol mourner banned from protecting wife's grave from deer
This is Bristoll

20-10-2009 (Gemany)
More energy needed for cremation heavy bodies krematorium Göttingen
HNA (German)

20-10-2009 (Germany)
Great interest door open day Krematorium Koblenz
PR Port

20-10-2009 (UK)
Wood Green's award-winning crematorium claims new prize
Haringey Independent

20-10-2009 (Germany)
Workshop im Krematorium

19-10-2009 (UK)
Gran taken to own funeral in luggage hold of a bus

19-10-2009 (UK)
Crematorium for Pawlett?
This is the Westcountry

19-10-2009 (Spain)
A funeral home in Valladolid offers free cremation for the unemployed
Norte Castilla

18-10-2009 (Holland)
Door open day DELA crematorium Arnhem
De Gelderlander

18-10-2009 (Germany)
Door open day Krematorium Nürnberg: 800 visitors

17-10-2009 (Ireland)
Cremation of Boyzone Stephen Gately took place in Dublin
Irish Times
BILD (German)
GALA (French)
Belang van Limburg (Dutch)
Tele cinco (Spanish)

16-10-2009 (Spain)
The crematorium finished for All Saints
Radio Huesca

15-10-2009 (Germany)
Funeral director wants Krematorium in Meiningen
Freies Wort

15-10-2009 (UK)
Crematorium plan given approval

14-10-2009 (Belgium)
The majority of Belgians are opting for a religious funeral
Le Vif

14-10-2009 (UK)
New East Devon crematorium plans
Exmouth Herald (

13-10-2009 (Holland)
Commotion about crematirium in Huissen
De Gelderlander

13-10-2009 (Holland)
Renovation crematorium Ede
Veenendaalse krant

12-10-2009 (France)
Still waiting for crematorium Auch
La Dépeche

09-10-2009 (Spain)
Council approves the construction of a new crematorio in Teruel
Aragon digital

09-10-2009 (UK)
Presbytery backs crematorium bid

08-10-2009 (Taiwan)
Cremated bodies to power air-con in Taiwan
Telegraaf (Dutch)
Freenet (German)

08-10-2009 (Germany)
Investor wants Krematorium in Lingen
Weser Ems Business
Bild (German)

07-10-2009 (UK)
Crematorium to broadcast funerals over internetCrem

07-10-2009 (UK)
Road worries prompt crematorium review
This is Somerset

06-10-2009 (Germany)
Door open day Krematorium Koblenz

06-10-2009 (UK)
Memorial garden wins top award

05-10-2009 (UK)
Mini-Stonehenge Found: Crematorium on Stonehenge Road?
National Geographic

05-10-2009 (Holland)
Majority will say yes to crematorium Zutphen
De Stentor

05-10-2009 (UK)
Petition lodged over crematorium

05-10-2009 (UK)
Open day at Kingsdown Crematorium
This is Wiltshire

05-10-2009 (Spain)
Dying is also a matter of style

04-10-2009 (France)
Orchies soon equipped with a crematorium
La voix du nord

02-10-2009 (UK)
Golf range is to close as crematorium gets go-ahead
The Glamorgan (English)

02-10-2009 (Spain)
Inceneration costs from 403 € in january

01-10-2009 (UK)
Hungry rabbits target funeral flowers
This is Nottingham

01-10-2009 (Germany)
Bürstadt does not need a Krematorium
Wormser Zeitung

30-09-2009 (Spain)
New crematorium for Teruel
Europa press

30-09-2009 (Belgium)
Door open day crematorium Turnhout 4 october 2009
Crematorium Turnhout

29-09-2009 (Holland)
Crematorium Hilversum on Zuiderhof?
De Gooi en Eemlander (Dutch)

29-09-2009 (Germany)
Door open day Krematorium Giessen successful
Giessener Anzeiger

29-09-2009 (UK)
Wirral Council reveals plan to privatise crematorium
Liverpool daily post

29-09-2009 (Denmark)
Krematorium supplier long-distance heating system.
Nord Schleswiger

28-09-2009 (Belgium)
No progress for crematorium Aalst
Het Nieuwsblad

26-09-2009 (Germany)
Krematorium Worms doubtful
Wormser Zeitung

25-09-2009 (Spain)
Arrested at his home for the protests against the crematorio
Diario Jaen

25-09-2009 (UK)
Vale planners give go-ahead to crematorium in Barry
Barry & District News

24-09-2009 (Holland)
Start construction crematorium Lepenhof
Telstar online

24-09-2009 (Germany)
Krematorium Worms in industrial zone?
Wormser Zeitung

24-09-224-09-2009 (UK)
Crematorium 'could hurt tourism'

23-002-2009 (Germany)
"Seven Summits" offers Vulcano funerals
open PR

23-09-2009 (France)
Studie for crematorium corsica
Corse Matin

23-09-2009 (Scotland)
Protesters warn new crematorium will be the death of tourism

22-09-2009 (Holland)
27 September door open day crematorium Eindhoven
Weekkrant (Dutch)

22-09-2009 (Germany
Two years probation for krematorium Leinfelden?
Stuttgarter Zeitung

22-09-2009 (France )
Protest against St. Malo crematorium
Ouest France

22-09-2009 (Germany)
Did the police steel gold from krematorium Nürnberg?
Nürnberger Nachrichten

21-09-2009 (France)
Crematorium Avignon almost ready
La Provence

21-09-2009 (France)
Crematorium Pamiers: Work started
La Depeche

20-09-2009 (France)
Soon two crematorium facilities nearby
La Provence

20-09-2009 (Germany)
A lot of people came to the door open day of Krematorium Bochum
Der Westen (German)

18-09-2009 (Holland)
No objections anymore for crematorium Zutphen
de Stentor

17-09-2009 (UK)
Doors Open Day: City crematorium among establishments offering guided tours
the Glaswegian

17-09-2009 (UK)
Merton crematorium in line for prestigious award
Wimbledon Guardian

17-09-2009 (UK)
Forced into rethink for a new crematorium on land between Wells and Shepton Mallet
this is Somerset

16-09-2009 (Holland)
Dead end road with the exception of crematorium Uden
Klik nieuws

16-09-2009 (Spain)
Building freeze crematorium Alicante?
La Verdad

15-09-2009 (UK)
Decision to be made on Vale of Glamorgan crematorium proposal
Wales online

14-09-2009 (German)
More cremations in Krematorium Bochum
Der Westen (German)

14-09-2009 (UK)
Cash boost for Fylde crematorium
The Gazette (

14-09-2009 (Belgium)
No money for crematorium Holsbeek

11-09-2009 (Holland)
Crematorium Oldenzaal opens november 2011

10-09-2008 (UK)
Support rallies for Wairds crematorium
The southern reporter

10-09-2009 (Holland)
Naarden tals about crematorium
de Gooi en Eemslander (Dutch)

10-09-2009 (Germany)
Controversy over Krematorium Meiningen
Freies wort

10-09-2009 (UK)
Open day with a differennce - at Weymouth crematorium
Dorset Echo

07-09-2009 (Holland)
Smoke in auditorium of crematorium Rijswijk
De weekkrant

05-09-2009 (Spain)
Crematorio de Alcala de Guadaira open
El Correo (Spanish)

05-09-2009 (Germany)
Krematorium in Bürstadt?
Morgenweb (German)

04-09-2009 (Spain Crematorium Ubeda open in the first months of 2010
Ideal (Spanish)

03-09-2009 (Spain)
Crematorium Alcala de Guadaira opens tomorrow
Sevilla Actualidad (Spamish)

02-09-2009 (UK)
Facelift plan for Park Wood Crematorium
Halifax Courier (English)

31-08-2009 (Germany)
Official opening Krematorium Willich
Krematorium Willich (German)

31-08-2009 (Holland)
Gorinchem gets crematorium
De stad Gorinchem (Dutch)

31-08-2009 (UK)
Plans go in for Elland crematorium
Examiner (English)

28-08-2009 (Germany /Israel)
Israel gets original plans of Auschwitz
Bild (German)
Berliner Morgenpost (German)
CCTV (French)
El Pais (Spanish)

27-08-2009 (UK)
Clerics split over crematorium bid as critics outnumber supporters 3:1
The Southern Reporter (English)

27-08-2009 (Holland)
Resistance against a crematoium in Tiel cracked
De Gelderlander (Dutch)

26-08-2009 (UK)
£300k to cut mercury pollution at Leicester funerals
This is Leicestershire (English)

24-08-2008 (France)
Cremation, alternative to burial
La voix du nord (French)

24-08-2009 (UK)
£1.2m to take a bite out of crematorium pollution
The evening Telegraph (English)

22-08-2009 (Switserland)
New incenerator for Krematorium Bern
Der Bund (German)
Der Bund (German)

21-08-2009 (France)
Crematorium Wattrelos: work is progressing
Lille Metropole (French)

20-08-2009 (UK)
Sounding out the 'silent majority' on crematorium
The Southern Reporter (English)

20-08-2009 (Germany)
Open day Krematorium Krefeld
Pressemeldung NRW (German)

19-08-2009 (France)
A petition against the construction of a crematorium
Courrier Laval (French)

19-08-2009 (UK)
New crematorium plans withdrawn
BBC (English)

18-08-2009 (Spain)
The president of Actyma proposes to close crematoria to feed birds with the bodies of dead people.
Europa press (Spanish)

18-08-2009 (UK)
Councillors debate crematorium plans
bordertelegraph (English)

15-08-2009 (Holland)
Delay for Crematorium Amsterdam
Webregio (Dutch)

15-08-2009 (France)
Rennes cermation high-tech
Liberation (French)

14-08-2009 (Denmark)
Cremationheat to warm the house a bad idea?
Walletpop (English)
Times online (English)

13-08-2009 (UK)
Dewsbury crematorium plan gets thumbs up
Batley News (English)

13-08-2009 (Belgium)
Urn found by busdriver
7 sur 7 (French)

13-08-2009 (UK)
Kirklees Council to invest millions in crematorium and cemeteries
Examiner (English)

13-08-2009 (UK)
Mayor: Stortford needs crematorium
Herts and Essex observer (English)

12-08-2009 (UK)
CCTV installed to curb crime at crematorium Cambridge
Cambridge News (English)

10-08-2009 (Spain)
The crematorium Alcoy will be operational in three months
Informacion.es (Spanish)

09-08-2009 (UK)
Penalty fine for grieving mother waived
The Telegraph (English)

08-08-2009 (UK)
Daily Express (English)

07-08-2009 (Holland)
Double row of Fiat 500 in crematorium moscowa
De Gelderlander (Dutch)

06-08-2009 (Germany)
500 Signatures against "Bodytourism"
Stuttgarter Zeitung (German)

06-08-2009 (UK)
Aberdeen Crematorium upgrade (£3.4 million) to start
Evening express (English)

05-08-2009 (UK)
Crematorium plan for bishop´s stortford?
Herts and Essex Observer (English)

05-08-2009 (Spain)
Award for new crematorio
El periodico (spanish

04-08-2009 (UK)
Mom in U.K. Fined for Grieving Too Long at Baby Son's Funeral
Fox News (English)
Metro (English)
La segunda (Spanish)
NOS (Dutch)
de Telegraaf (Dutch)
RTL (Dutch)

04-08-2009 (UK)
£1m revamp planned for crematorium
Hartlepool Mail (English)
01-08-2009 (Spain)

Green Light for the first crematorium in Pontevedra
faro de vigo (Spanish)

31-07-2009 (UK)
Crematorium Park Wood to shut down
Halifax Courier (English)

31-07-2009 (Belgium)
Crématorium Welkenraedt makes progress
RTBF (French)

31-07-2009 Germany)
First krematorium for Schwäbisch Hall
Hohenloher Tagblatt (German)

31-07-2009 (UK)
Crematorium opens doors to friends and relatives
Eastwood Advertiser (English)

30-07-2009 (UK)
Council backs crematorium plans
Wales online (English)

30-07-2009 (UK)
York Crematorium makes £800,000 profit
The Press (English)

29-07-2009 (UK)
Wirral's Landican crematorium wants to "recycle" heat generated by cremations
Wirral News (English)

25-07-2009 (USA)
Michael Jackson to become a Memorial Diamond.
LifeGem (English)
LifeGem (German)

25-07-2009 (UK)
Company gets go-ahead for region's first crematorium in Shanon
Limerick Post (English)

24-07-2009 (Belgium)
Funeral obsequies with wrong coffin
Het Nieuwsblad (Dutch)
22-07-2009 (UK)
Gwent Crematorium makes swine flu plans
South Wales Argus (English)

22-07-2009 (UK)
Controversy over crematorium plan Melrose
BBC (English)

20-07-2009 (Germany)
Oppen Day: Krematorium Düsseldorf
Pressemeldung NRW (German)

20-07-2009 (Korea)
Shortage of crematoria in Korea
Joong Ang Daily (English)

19-07-2009 (United Arab Emirates)
Cremation set to come to Abu Dhabi
The National (English)

17-07-2009 (UK)
Open day at Bramcote crematorium
Eastwood Advertiser(English)

15-07-2009 (UK)
£1m crematorium plan for Rugby
Coventry Telegraph (English)

15-07-2009 (UK)
Preview: City Of London Cemetery Open Day
The Londonist (English)

13-07-2009 (Germany)
New law for Urns in Dresden
Dresden Fernsehen (German)

13-07-2009 (Germany)
An almost perfect murder. Victim cremated
in Krematorium
Frankfurter Allgemeine (German)

11-07-2009 (Germany)
More anonymous funerals in Thüringen
DDP (German)

10-07-2009 (Holland)
Hein Swinkels, propietor of 8 crematoy died
Eindhovens Dagblad (Dutch)

10-07-2009 (Belgium)
No place in crematorium for 250 Kg man
De telegraaf (Dutch)

09-07-2008 (UK)
Camborne controversial crematorium plans to be decided
This is the west country (English)

Michael Jackson cremated?
BILD (German)
Lime Life (English)
The Find Buzz (English)
Krone.at (German)
first coast news (English)
Mujer Terra (Spanish)

08-07-2009 (Norway)
New filter for Krematorium Apenrade
Nordschleswiger (German)

07-07-2009 (Germany)
Hushed up Murder: Wrong body cremated
Schäbischen Zeitung (German)

07-07-2009 (Spain)
Sringent controls for Crematorium Plaza Gas
El correro Digital (Spanish)

06-07-2009 (UK)
Families devastated by crematorium vandalism
The Bolton News (English)

04-07-2009 (France)
The board voted to build a crematorium in Puy
Zoom 43 (French)

04-07-2009 (France)
New facility for Crematorium Nantes
Presse Ocean (French)

03-07-2009 (Holland)
LifeSafe for Crematorium Maaslanden
Omroep Brabant (Dutch)

02-07-2009 (Germany)
Krematorium for Rheine?
IVZ-online (German)

02-07-2009 (France)
Crematoriumplan for le Boulonnais(2012)
Delta FM (French)

30-06-2009 (Austria)
Last private funeral home in Vienna gone
Die Presse (German)

29-06-2009 (UK)
Open day to celebrate 50th Altrincham crematorium anniversary
Messenger (English)

26-06-2009 (France)
Crematorium Vern opens 1. Juli
Le Mensuel de Rennes (French)

25-06-2009 (UK)
Man charged in crematorium theft
London Topic (English)

25-06-2009 (UK)
Wrong body cremated after blunder
BBC (English)
This is Bath (English)

25-06-2009 (UK)
Work for Park Wood Crematorium, Elland
Examiner (English)

24-06-2009 (UK)
Fenland crematorium work begins
Fenland citizen (English)

22-06-2009 (UK)
New crematorium gets go ahead
Paisly daily express (English)

22-06-2009 (UK)
Funeral left in dark by power cut
This is Nottingham (English)

21-06-2009 (Sweden)
Fatter Coffins Too Big to Cremate
Serviges Radio International (English)

18-06-2009 (Germany)
German Funeral Federation wants new law for Urns
Evangelischer Presedienst (German)

17-06-2009 (Spain)
Court allows crematorio in Oviedo. Neighbors disappointed.
El comercio Digital (Spanish)
La nueva Espana (Spanish)

16-06-2009 (UK)
Crem plan approved despite objections
This is somerset (English)

16-06-2009 (UK)
Titanic's last survivor cremated
RTE News (English)
Daily Echo (English)

15-06-2009 (UK)
Theathre in crematorium München
Süd Deutsche (German)

15-06-2009 (UK)
£3m upgrade for St Helens cemetery and crematorium
St Helens Star (English)

13-06-2009 (UK)
Liverpool's Anfield Crematorium hit by fire
Liverpool echo (English)

13-06-2009 (Spain)
Crematorio de Huesca almost ready
Alto Aragon (Spanish)

11-06-2009 (UK)
Green light given for crematorium
This is Somerset (English)

11-06-2009 (Germany)
Convention about crematory and environment
IDW (German)
DBU (German)

11-06-2009 (Belgium)
Procedure against Crematorium Kortrijk can take 10 years
Het Nieuwsblad (Dutch)

10-06-2009 (UK)
Crematorium Crewe not big enough for tall person (2,01 m)
Crewe Chronicle (English)

08-06-2009 (Spain)
Fanancial help for crematorio San Jose
ABC.es (Spanish)

06-06-2009 (Belgium)
A clown with a black nose
Het Nieuwsblad (Dutch)

05-06-2009 (Germany)
Art in Krematorium in Mainburg
Idowa (German)

03-06-2009 (Germany)
Personal items found at Auschwitz
JTA (English)

01-06-2009 (UK)
Crematorium likely to be rejected after opposition
This is Somerset (English)

29-05-2009 (Germany
Krematorium in Willich open
RP Online (German)

28-05-2009 (Germany)
Piety costs money, burial for prosthesis
Stuttgarter Nachrichten (German)

28-05-2009 (UK)
Mourners offered online funeral service
The Herald (English)
News Scotsman (English)

24-05-2009 (Holland)
Burial or cremation? Lecture in Crematorium Slingerbos.
Ede.nl (Dutch)

22-05-2009 (UK)
New crematorium to be built in Dewsbury
Spenborough Guardian (English)

21-05-2009 (UK)
Coffin too big for crematorium
BBC (English)

20-05-2009 (UK)
Clerics angry at 'karaoke' plan for crematorium
Oxford Mail (English)

19-05-2009 (Germany)
No Krematorium for Vöhringen
Augsburger Allgemeine (German)

16-05-2009 (UK)
Crematorium proposal Devon
Devon 24 (English)

15-05-2009 (France)
Mourning after cremation, not so simple
Le Mans Maville (French)

15-05-2009 (Germany)
Complains against Krematorium Dülmen dismissed
IVZ (Geman)

15-05-2009 (UK)
Open day... at Mintlyn crematorium
Lynn News (English)

11-05-2009 (Germany)
Mayor against krematorium
Augsburger Allgemeine (German)
Südwest-Aktiv (German)

08-05-2009 (UK)
Devout Hindu loses cremation bid
BBC (english)

07-05-2009 (Germany)
Protests against Krematorium Vöhringen
Augsburger Allgemeine (German)

07-05-2009 (Poland)
Fear for a crematorium
dziennik (polish)

06-05-2009 (Germany)
Weißburger wants to built Krematorium
Weissenburger-Tagblatt (German)

06-05-2009 (Denmark)
Crematoria must fight for the dead
dagbladet online (Danish)

05-05-2009 (Spain)
Incineration, alternative to burial, is gaining ground in Galicia
el correo gallego (Spanish)

04-05-2009 (Belgium)
Crematorium for the provinces of Namur and Luxembourg should be operational in 2011
RBTF (French)

02-05-2009 (Belgium)
County council plans crematorium in Zellik
De standaard (Dutch)

30-04-2009 (Belgium)
Start construction crematorium Kortrijk
De Standaard (Dutch)

30-04-2009 (Spain)
Green light for Galapagar crematorium
adn (Spanish)

28-04-2009 (Scotland)
Plan to build crematorium in Buchan
The press and journal (English)

26-04-2009 (France)
Brest: Fire at Crematorium
Le Télégramme (French)

21-04-2009 (Holland)
Memorial for missing or unburried children
Boschtion (Dutch)

20-04-2009 (India)
'Made for each other' couple cremated togather
Punjab Newsline (English)

20-04-2009 (India)
Bio-gasifier crematorium for Thanjavur
The Hindu (English)

20-04-2009 (UK)
Crematorium will be best in country
Ilkeston Advertiser (English)

16-04-2009 (Holland)
Construction crematorium Venray started
Peel en Maas (Dutch)

15-04-2009 (UK)
Pay-per-view funerals by webcam
This is Scunthorp (English)

13-04-2009 (france)
Morbihan : cremation 28%
Le Télégramme (French)

10-04-2009 (Holland)
Arnhem: 25% of the deceased will be cremated in Huissen
De Gelderlander (Dutch)

08-04-2009 (France)
Municipal soap for crematorium Lettret
Alpes 1 (French)

08-04-2009 (UK)
FENLAND: Crematorium plans for March approved by council planning committee
The Cambs Times (English)

04-04-2009 (Holland)
CU/SGP against crematorium in Vlaardingen
Green light for Crematorium Vlaardingen
Reformatorisch Dagblad (Dutch)
Algemeen Dagblad (Dutch)

02-04-2009 (France)
Step further for the proposed crematorium in Haute-Loire
Zoom 43 (french)

01-04-209 (UK)
Crematorium costs go sky high as energy prices rise
Halifax courier (English)

31-03-2009 (Germany)
Less burials in cemeteries
A-Z Web (German)

30-03-2009 (Belgium)
Renewed policy funeral liturgy and pastoral in the diocese of Hasselt
RK Nieuws (Dutch)
Kerknet (Dutch)

26-03-2009 (Germany)
Crematorium: Investor wants to complain against rejection
Augsburger Allgemeine (German)

25-03-2009 (UK)
How cremation became the way to go
BBC (English)

25-03-2009 (UK)
Shire could be in line for crematorium
The press and Journal (english)

24-03-2009 (UK)
Davender Kumar Ghai demands open-air Hindu cremation – in Newcastle
Times (English)

23-03-2009 (UK)
Can Britain accept funeral pyres?
BBC (English)

21-03-2009 (France)
Step further for crematorium Beaurains
La voix du nord (French)

18-03-2009 (Spain)
Crematorium Motril is waiting for a licence
La opinion de Granada (Spanish)

17-03-2009 (Belgium)
First cremations in Holsbeek summer 2011
Het Nieuwsblad (Dutch)

16-03-2009 (Ireland)
Go-ahead given for cremations in Shannon
Irish Times (English)

15-03-2009 (UK)
Precious metal 'sold' after cremation
BBC (English)

13-03-2009 (Germany)
CDU and SPD against krematorium Gütersloh
Neue Westfälische (German)

11-03-2009 (UK)
Do we really need a crematorium in Fenland?
The Fenland citizen (English)

10-03-2009 (Germany)
Church against Krematorium Gütersloh
Neue Westfälische (German)

09-03-2009 (UK)
Camborne crematorium appeal lodged
The West country (English)

06-03-2009 (France)
Fire in Crematorium Rouen
Paris Normandie (French)

06-03-2009 (Austria)
Vienna's Central Cemetery has new anatomy memorial
Kathweb (German)

06-03-2009 (Belgium)
Start construction crematorium Kortrijk in September
De standaard (Dutch)

06-03-2009 (Sweden)
Fire in a crematorium in Värnamo
jnytt (Swedish)

04-03-2009 (Belgium)
6% more cremations in Belgium (2008)
RTL (French)

03-03-2009 (UK)
Private cash sought for crematorium
BBC (English)
the Weston Mercury (English)

03-03-2009 (UK)
Hereford City's £3m crematorium is ready for first services
Herefordtimes (English)

27-02-2009 (UK)
Building work to start on new Whalley crematorium
The Clitheroe (English)

26-02-2009 (Germany)
No crematorium in Osterfeld
MZ Web German

24-02-2009 (Spain)
La Xunta authorizes the first crematorium in Pontevedra
Eco Diario (Spanish)

24-02-2009 (UK)
Towns in fight over Fenland´s crematorium
Fenland citizen (English)

24-02-2009 (Belgium)
Green ligth for crematorium Kortrijk
Het Nieuwsblad (Dutch)

23-02-2009 (France)
The extension of the crematorium Cannes is expected by spring 2010
Nice Matin (French)

21-02-2009 (Belgium)
Crematorium Brugge evacuated after gas leak
De Morgen (Dutch)
Het Laatste Nieuws (Dutch)
RBTF (French)

20-02-2009 (Cyprus)
Crematorium bill “ready by July”
Cyprus Mail (English)

19-02-2009 (Thailand)
Crematorium made out of beerbottles
The Sun (English)
De Telegraaf (Dutch)
Zigonet (French)

19-02-2009 18-02-2009 (Holland)
Vlaardingen gets own crematorium
Algemeen Dagblad (Dutch)

17-02-2009 (Germany)
Steeling gold from the deceased is no delict
Zeit online (German)

17-02-2009 (UK)
Protest grows against crematorium Pilton Parish
This is Somerset (English)

16-02-2009 (Germany)
Auschwitz blueprints go on display in Berlin
Expactica (English)
La Vanguardia (Spanish)
Nieuws (Dutch)
Welt (German)

14-02-2009 (Holland)
Last tribute by helicopter to crematorium
De Stentor (Dutch)
De Telegraaf (Dutch)

13-02-2009 (Belgium)
A second crematorium in Evere Brussels in 2012
RTL info (French)

12-02-2009 (Italy)
The future of the cemetery will be photovoltaics
Arretzo (Italian)

12-02-2009 (UK)
Crews tackle roof blaze at crematorium
This is Grimsby (English)

12-02-2009 (Holland)
Crematorium Oosterhout was to big
BN de Stem (Dutch)

11-02-2009 (Germany)
Acquittal for tooth-gold-gang
Der Bote (German)

11-02-2009 (UK)
Rhuallt crematorium opposition intensifies
Denbighshire Visitor (English)

09-02-2009 (France)
Pamiers: A crématorium in 2010
Ariege News (French)

06-02-2009 (UK)
Disappointment as town misses out on crematorium
Fenland Citizen (English)

06-02-2009 (Spain)
The island La Gomera against Crematorium
Gomera Verde (Spanish)
Diario de Avisos (Spanish)

05-02-2009 (UK)
Parndon Wood Cemetery and Crematorium set to be privatised
The Observer (English)
The Harlow Herald (English)

05-02-2009 (Belgium)
More cremations this winter
De Standaard (Dutch)

04-02-2009 (Germany)
Green light for Krematorium Freiburg
Berner Zeitung (German)

04-02-2009 (UK)
Demonstration at crematorium plan Rhuallt
BBC (English)

02-02-2009 (UK)
Shepton:Crematorium consultation extended
This is Somerset (English)

01-02-2009 (UK)
£900,000 Burnley crematorium shock
Lancashire telegraph (English)

31-01-2009 (Germany)
Bottleneck in Krematorium Göttingen
HNA (German)

30-01-2009 (Belgium)
Start construction crematorium Holsbeek
ROBNET (Dutch)

30-01-2009 (Holland)
Plans for crematorium Boxmeer
De Gelderlander (Dutch)

28-01-2009 (Gibraltar)
Why is the crematorium not fully operational?
Gibfocus (English)

28-01-2009 (Germany)
New crematorium for Hofgeismar
HNA (German)

28-01-2009 (UK)
Plans put forward to build Denbighshire's first crematorium
Evening Leader (English)

28-01-209 (Holland)
Yarden crematorium in Boxmeer?
de Gelderlander (Dutch)

27-01-2009 (Holland)
Study for crematorium in Zevenbergen
BN de Stem (Dutch)

26-01-2009 (UK)
Crematorium plan Whalley gets green light
clitheroe advertiser (English)

25-01-2009 (Spain)
Crematorium de la Plaza del Gas empezará opens in March
El correo digital (Spanish)

23-01-2009 (France)
Saint-Malo wants a crematorium
ouest-france (French)

20-01-2009 (Spain)
Ávila crematorium debut in late 2009
ABC.ES (Spanish)

17-01-2009 (Belgium)
Award for crematorum Heimolen
Waaskrant (Dutch)

17-01-2009 (Holland)
indistinctness about crematorium Nuenen
Eindhovens Dagblad

17-01-2009 (UK)
Natural burials in crem revamp
express and star (English)

16-01-2009 (Holland)
County councel supports crematorium Hilvarenbeek
Brabants Dagblad (Dutch)

16-01-2009 (UK)
Whalley crematorium scheme given go-ahead
Lancashire Telegraph (English)

13-01-2009 (Sweden)
Worried about immissions
sydsvenskan.se (Swedish)

13-01-2009 (UK)
Anger over crematorium plans in Whalley
Lancashire Telegraph (English)

13-01-2009 (Holland)
Licence for Crematorium Venray
De Limburger (Dutch)
Peel en Maas (Dutch)

07-01-2009 (UK)
Police apologise over wrong-body cremation mistake
The Herald (English)

06-01-2009 (Holland)
Huissen gets crematorium
De Gelderllander (Dutch)

03-01-2009 (Germany)
Wuppertal satisfied with technics
Rheinische Post (German)

01-02-2009 (Germany)
Judgement: Municipal crematory have to pay VAT
Personalpraxis24 (German)
Bundesfinanzhof (German)

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