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Tallinn Krematoorium

Tallinn Crematorium

Pärnamäe tee 36

Tel. 623 8808
Fax 677 2047

Open Mon-Sat 10-16

Tallinn Crematorium was founded in 1993 at the Pärnamäe Cemetery in Tallinn. An addition to accommodate the cremation retort was made to the Pärnamäe chapel building, originally built at the end of the 1970s. The chapel itself also got a new face. Since the chapel is consecrated, funeral ceremonies can be done by funeral speakers as well as the clergy.

In 1997, Tartu Crematorium was opened as a branch of Tallinn Crematorium.

Tallinn Crematorium has two cremation retorts - the frist one was brought here in 1993, and the second one, the most environment-friendly retort in the world, was added in 1999.

In almost 10 years, over 23 000 have been cremated in Tallinn and Tartu crematoriums.
Since 1998 it is possible to preorder services of Tallinn Crematorium. It is possible to order services concerned with one's own funeral and pay for these services according to the price list that is current on the day of the signing of the contract. Tallinn Crematorium guarantees the rendering of the services detailed in the contract upon presentation of the contract.

Funeral Services
Tallinn Crematorium offers both cremation funerals and grave funerals. We offer a complete funeral service - from the transportation of the deceased from the home or a hospital, 24 hours a day, organizing and clothing of the deceased, to funeral speakers and music (violin, organ, flute, vocalist, brass, string, and French horn quartets). The whole ceremony can be recorded by a professional phopographer.

Tallinn Crematorium has the largest selection of urns in Estonia - we have more than 50 urns available from different materials (dolomite, artificial marble, wood, ceramics, and luxury wood).

Tallinn Crematorium has 2 cremation retorts. The first one was brought from the United States in 1993, and is very contemporary. The retort uses liquid gas and its work is controlled by electronics. The other retort was made in the United States in 1999, and it is the most environment-friendly cremation retort in the world. Its work is also controlled by electronics, and the retort in no way is a danger to the environment.

The burial of an urn is also not dangerous to the environment - since the remains are sterile, urn cemeteries do not need a sanitary zone around them, because there is no threat of contamination.

Reconstruction  and Updating of Tallinn Crematorium

We are glad to announce that the reconstruction process that started in June  has been successfully completed. The crematorium complex was completely renewed  - a smaller chapel, a funeral feast room and several other rooms were added  to the complex, and the existing rooms (the big chapel, kitchen complex, refrigerators)  were also reconstructed.

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