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Tartu Krematoorium

Tartu Crematorium

Jaama 122,

tel. 7487 108 (24h)
fax 7487  104
GSM 50 79810

Open Mon-Sat 10-16

Tartu Crematorium was opened in 1997 as a bracnh of Tallinn Crematorium. The crematorium was established in a building at the Rahumäe cemetery. Since the chapel is consecrated, funeral ceremonies can be done by funeral speakers as well as the clergy. In addition to cremation funerals, we also organize grave funerals. For all services - from transportation from the home or from the morgue to cremation, please contact our office at Jaama 122 or call us at 7487 108 or 050 79810 or email us at tartu@krematoorium.ee Tartu Crematorium has one cremation retort, which was built in 1997 in the United States and is very environment-friendly.

The crematorium's refrigerator is equipped with modern equipment, which allows the preservation of the deceased for a (reasonably) long time. We also offer the possibility to order funeral speakers and music, as well as tombstones, caskets for grave funerals, and urns.

In just under 10 years, 23 000 have been cremated in Tallinn and Tartu Crematoriums. Since 1998 it is possible to preorder services of Tartu Crematorium. It is possible to order services concerned with one's own funeral and pay for these services according to the price list that is current on the day of the signing of the contract. Tartu Crematorium guarantees the rendering of the services detailed in the contract upon presentation of the contract.

Funeral Services
Tartu Crematorium offers both cremation funerals  and grave funerals. We offer a complete funeral service - from the transportation  of the deceased from the home or a hospital, organizing and clothing of the  deceased, to funeral speakers and music (violin, organ, flute, vocalist, brass,  string, and French horn quartets). The whole ceremony can be recorded by a  professional phopographer.

Tartu Crematorium has the largest selection  of urns in Estonia - we have more than 50 urns available from different  materials (dolomite, artificial marble, wood, ceramics, and luxury wood).
Tartu Crematorium is the least expensive  cremation funeral organizer in Estonia.

Tartu Cremation has one cremation retort, which  was manufactured in the United States in 1997. The retort uses gas and its  work is controlled by electronics, and it presents no danger to the environment.

The burial of an urn is also not dangerous to the  environment - since the remains are sterile, urn cemeteries do not need a  sanitary zone around them, because there is no threat of contamination.

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